SSS: The First Year

by Secret Society

Secret Society Sessions (SSS) is a weekly showcase that began in 2015 with the focus of putting Toronto locals in the spotlight. After a year of having both the lesser known and more established artists perform at the Radio Show / Social Collective, a compelling arsenal of musicians, producers and DJs were assembled.

SSS - The First Year is an LP featuring 11 tracks by the artists that have performed at this showcase. Similar in style, but unique in production, these songs paint an intriguing picture of the diversity within Toronto and the quality of the music that is being created there. The electronic music scene is flourishing in the city and this compilation has been manifested to spur international recognition of the talent within.

While it will be released digitally worldwide, physical CDs are also available for sale at Secret Society’s weekly event. $11 of the $20 sale price of this CD will be distributed amongst the 11 featured artists; which is a significant portion of the revenue and on average, ten times more than what most record labels would compensate. Secret Society and Scardinius Recordings invites the local community to support the scene and the artists that invest both their time and resources into producing music. By purchasing this LP online or offline, the supporters not only become the proud owner of a historic piece of the Toronto music scene, but are directly funding the artists and the promotional cost of endorsing this compilation worldwide.

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