SSS: The First Year

In the beginning of 2015 a new concept emerged in the culturally bustling cauldron of diversity - the City of Toronto. Secret Society Sessions - a weekly showcase of local talent in a radio studio inside a friendly dive bar - offered an inclusive experience where music lovers can come together on a Wednesday afternoon. Listening to an artistically curated 3-hour set, while dancing, drinking, dining and playing to the beats provided by the best of the underground house scene - the idea was well received by the community. The creative minds behind this radio show / social collective credit the compelling arsenal of musicians, producers and DJs for the success of this showcase.

After a year of amazing music and endless hours of live recordings, the creators of this project decided to release a compilation carefully selected from the works of the producers that have been featured at Secret Society Sessions.

SSS - The First Year is an LP featuring 11 tracks by the artists that have performed at this showcase. Similar in style but unique in production, these songs paint an intriguing picture of the diversity of Toronto and the quality of the art that is being created there. The electronic music scene is flourishing in the city and this compilation has been manifested to spur international recognition of the talent within.

LabelSecret Society